About us

Spider Web Host is a global provider of web hosting and related services.

Spider Web Host, was started back in early 2017, so we are fairly new to the hosting scene but that doesnt mean we arn't here to stay. we want to have that personal touch with our clients and being a smaller company will allow us to do that and at the same time keep our prices lower.

The Hosting scene is overloaded at the moment with companies overselling everything at very low prices. our staff have used such services in the past. companies that oversell never last long and some are taken offline within months. we at spider web host want to be different we offer a fair amount of usage for a fair price.

We Want to have that personal Touch

Our Vision and Mission

keep are prices fair and in line with “The Big Boys”

Have that personal touch to make clients feel less like clients and more like family

We offer one click wordpress installs along with a whole range of other one click software suite’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, there are three main parts that make up a website.

The domain name, Website Hosting and the main website files.

Shared hosting means that it is not just you that has access to the server space, you have shared resources with home ever has a account on that server. you will share processor power, physical memory, bandwidth and storage space.

Although you spare the server your files are still separate and only accessible by yourselves through your user account.

This depends on what your storing and your budget.

100% yes.

We will even help you with the transfer process.

your domain can stay with whomever it is registered with you will just have to change a few simple details.